Colour Affection Shawl III

IMG_2446 IMG_2447

Not sure why I decided to undertake a second shawl – but I did. This one was made using sock weight (fingering) yarn. I used leftovers from a couple of pairs of socks – the colours blended surprisingly well, I used Sisu solids to blend with the variegated yarn and to create the light to dark effect.

The shawl went quite a bit faster than the original in lace weight yarn, because I was ending up with fewer stitches as the shawl grew longer. However, the neckline went wonky – for some reason the stitch increases at the beginning created a “hump” that made it impossible to wrap the shawl over my shoulder. I filled in part of the hump with leftovers from yet a third pair of socks so the shawl drapes a bit better. Because I used knit and purl rows, there is a definite right and wrong side to the shawl, but the edges also curl. I crocheted a border around the entire shawl to stabilize the edge.

Oh well, it will keep my shoulders warm.