Quilting In The Hoop

Quilting In The Hoop

Quilting In The Hoop:

I do all my own quilting using my embroidery machine to quilt blocks individually, as well as quilting edge-to-edge when a quilt calls for it. Quilting blocks is relatively straightforward. Edge-to-edge quilting in the hoop is a bit more complicated because it often requires some precise calculating and nesting of the design.

The instructions I’m sharing are for quilting blocks. Sometime, I may get around to preparing instructions for edge-to-edge quilting in the hoop.

In case you’re not sure about how to position the hoop on the fabric I’ve described how to use double sided tape for holding the inner hoop piece on top of the quilt sandwich and include links to tutorials for Precise Positioning/Design Positioning so you can refine the position of your design within the quilt block.