On Deck 3

I’ve got this far today. Added the windows and the handrail (lots of stitching on both).  Added shading to the decking and stitched the boards.

I’ve positioned (and sort of fused) the woman – now I need to stitch her in place using a clear invisible thread and a very narrow blanket stitch. Then I’ll be able to fill in shadow lines and other colour demarkations. I also need to add her shadow to the deck so that she’s attached to the rest of the image. Tomorrow!

On Deck 3

Finished these colourful socks last evening. They’ve gone in the give-away collection – while I have clothes in these colours I don’t need (actually, I don’t have room for) another pair of socks in my sock drawer!

Colourful Socks

New Turquoise Socks – Finished

Finished last evening. Completed the previous new pair on May 14 – however, between working on that pair and this pair I reconstructed two pair of worn socks. So the time frame is consistent – about two weeks (25 hours) to knit a  pair of socks.

Turquoise Socks

I found the colour combination satisfying to work with. I don’t think I have another ball in the yarn stash that will knit into this pattern (the previous pair was the same as this just with different colours).

Have to say, I’ve set this pair aside – they might go into my sock drawer. I have a couple of turquoise wool sweaters they’d look good with….

Blue/Green Socks

Finished these socks last evening. They were soothing to work on – enough gradual changed in the unfolding pattern to keep them interesting.

Blue/Green Socks

I should really now return to a couple of sock repairs – there are still five pairs of socks in the repair basket wanting attention. Maybe I’ll work on one before returning to new yarn.

Ugly Yarn – Interesting Sock

I started with this yarn – came in a skein which I balled and wondered whether I’d ever use it. I didn’t particularly like the colour combination and as a rule, these skein-dyed yarns don’t knit up into an interesting pattern.

Ugly Yarn

However, these are the socks that knit up – not bad at all!

Interesting Sock

Finished last evening. Now on to another pair.

I have another skein (which I’ve also balled) not variegated but green on one end, yellow on the other, graduated in between. Were I to knit it up I’d have one green sock and one shades of yellow. What I think I will do with that yarn is knit using both colours at the same time alternating rows to form a spiral. The socks will not match but at least they’ll look similar – we’ll see.

Yellow/Green Ombre Yarn With Turquoise Contrast

As for the Bamboo Quilt top – I’m plodding along slowly. I still have three/four blocks to make, then I have to find something for borders. I don’t think I have anything in my stash that will complement the inner panel so it’s off to the fabric store yet again.

And talking about new fabric – I came across this collection “Blushing Peonies” at Sew With Vision and couldn’t resist buying some. I already have an idea what to make with it.

Blushing Peonies by Moda

I’ve ordered yardage of two more grey fabrics from the collection from The Missouri Star Quilt Company – the greys I have on hand just didn’t blend well enough to work with the other fabrics.

So now to get on with finishing the Bamboo Quilt.

New Socks

Finished these socks the other evening.

I used a yarn from New Zealand (Waikiki) that contains 10% possum, 15% alpaca – very nice yarn to work with – for the heels. I do hope it wears reasonably well – 20% nylon, it should. It would be a shame if it didn’t.

The socks went into the stash; I started the next pair.

Socks from a Hand-Dyed Skein

Finished this pair of socks last evening. Too bad I didn’t take a photo of the skein – the colours were luscious – and distinct. But unwind and ball the yarn and you get this kind of blurred mixture which is relatively boring when knit into socks. I tried choosing embedded colours for cuff, heels and toes but they don’t blend – they stick out.

Here’s what hand-dyed yarn can look like: you can get large swaths of colour

Hand-dyed Yarn – Sectional

or it can look like this

Variegated Hand-dyed Yarn

In either case, they knit up looking more or less like my socks.

While the colours are enticing, I find this yarn much less satisfying to use than commercial balls dyed to create an actual pattern. Socks with hand-dyed yarn always seem to take a lot longer because there are no pattern shifts to indicate the progress you’re making.

So back to another patterned ball of yarn….

Blue Socks

Finished last evening. This pair has a longer foot than I usually make – 60 rows from gusset to toe-off rather than 50. My friend wears a women’s size 10 shoe (as compared to my size 8) so I made the foot longer.

Blue Socks

Hope it’s not too long! If it is, I’ll unmake the toe, remove 4-5 rows and reknit the toe.