Zippered Bags

Zippered Bags:

I make zippered bags two ways – one using zipper tape which gives a very nice finish to the bag. I also make bags using zippers.

I prefer using zipper tape because it simplifies the process.

I purchase my zipper tape from The Zipper Lady who sells the tape by the yard in a gazillion colours – she also sells zipper pulls.

She has video demonstrating how to put the slides onto the tape.

Here’s another set of instructions for making embroidered or pieced zippered bags.

Further instructions for sewing zippered bags.

iPhone Case With Zippered Side Pocket:

My iPhone case is an open-end slip-in case with a zippered side pocket. I begin with the first steps for making a zippered bag using Zipper Tape. However part way through I turn the bag into an open ended slip in case.