Successful Plants

Here are photos from summer 2015:




Rhododendron starting to bloom

mixed planting

Lobelia, Million Bells, Wax Begonias, Bacopa – a mixed planting, Pansies

Million BellsBlooming happily on the fence.

Million Bells

million bells 2

Million Bells


Mandevilla (can be over-wintered indoors), Wax Begonia

hibiscus in pot

Hibiscus – will overwinter indoors


Echinacea (can survive but it took 3 tries)

day lilies

Stella D’oro daylily


Clematis (early spring blooming)

canna lily

Canna Lily (pretty much an annual in zone 9)

This past fall I tried to harvest the canna tubers and save them in my basement – no luck, they dried out and shrivelled up. I love the colour of the foliage and blooms of this plant so I’ll be buying a few more in a couple of weeks.

I don’t recommend true lilies! They get covered with lily beetles which devastate the foliage and to protect the plants you have to pick off the beetles daily!