Orchids Blooming in my Bedroom

I always have a couple of phalaenopsis in bloom in my bedroom (that’s in addition to all the orchids in my living room). At the moment I have three plants in bloom – they cheer my day. They’re there to greet me when I wake. When one is finished blooming, I swap it out for another in bloom. During the winter I often have to buy a new plant that’s starting to bloom because all of my other phalaenopsis are hibernating, waiting for the days to get noticeably longer when they send up new flower spikes. I love having them around.IMG_3008 IMG_3009 IMG_3006


I was watching the Men’s Double Tennis Match (Wimbledon) when I noticed the orchids on my dresser in my bedroom (which is where my TV is located). All three are in bloom and the flowers are looking wonderful:



DSCF2690They’ve been in bloom now for a couple of weeks – I expect them to continue blooming for another couple of months. When they’re finished they go into another room and I bring out some more that are in bloom. So there are always orchids in bloom in my bedroom! Even in the winter.




Notice the juxtaposition of the orchid in my livingroom and the snow outside! That’s winter in Canada for you.

I have four Phaels in bloom and I was taking pictures this morning when I discovered this one – with the snow in the backrgound. Mid-February – it won’t be long before the snow begins to disappear and then soon there will be flowers in my outdoor deck garden again.

New Orchid

The Phalaenopsis  in my bedroom finally dropped it’s flowers last week – I love having these plants around because the blooms last 4-5 months and require little care aside from a drop of water each week. The orchids in my local superstore were on sale so I picked up a new one:


The soft mottling on the large petals and sepals offered a nice contrast to the deep red labellum – and the fact that there are still a lot of blooms to come out. This plant will provide me pleasure for the next 5 months, for sure.


Walking by the orchid display at the supermarket this morning and saw this unusually colored Phaelanopsis. I have white and purple ones, some a few pale yellow, peach, but nothing in this shade. I just had to add it to my collection.