These quilts were on show at the Art Lab Studios and Gallery in Parrsboro from September 15 to October 11 2015.


Galaxies 2015


Curves 2015


Cascade 2015


Unequal 9-Patch 2015


Lattice 2014

Improve II

Improve II 2014

Large Scale Prints with Stripes

Large Scale Prints with Stripes 2013

Wonky Blocks with Black & White

Wonky Blocks with Black & White 2014

Scrappy Quilt

Scrappy Quilt 2012

pickupstick front

Pick-up Sticks 2014 – Front

All of my quilts have a pieced back —that’s because they’re a bit too wide for a single width of fabric (42″-44″) and instead of using a second panel of backing fabric, I extend the width with piecing that in some way uses leftover fabric from the top. Each quilt is, in fact, two — they can be used with either side as “top”.

pickupsticks back

Pick-up Sticks 2014 – Back

Colour Story 2012

Colour Story 2012

Magic Squares I 2013

Magic Squares I 2013