Peach Socks

Well, these socks turned out nicely. Finished them last evening. They were fun to knit because the bright colours changed often and resulted in a pleasing pattern.

Peach Socks

Into the stash they have gone. While I do have sweaters in peach and shades of purple, I have enough socks in those colours I don’t need another pair.

2 thoughts on “Peach Socks

  1. I, too, like knitting socks. They are endlessly interesting with the lovely self-striping yarns available today.
    I’m curious about your short rows (which look pretty flawless) – do you use the wrap or non-wrap method? I can’t tell from the pictures. I’ve tired both and, for me, the non-wrap seems to work well.
    I confess I use sock knitting as a great excuse to watch television during ‘indoor season’ but I can’t do heals and watch TV or I end up with franken-heels.

    • I wrap – it gives me a neater turn. I also put in a twist when picking up the gusset stitches on the sides of he heel flap – it keeps that join snug. And to make picking up the side stitches easy, I slip the first stitch for each row of the heel flap which gives me larger, easier to see and pick up stitches on the sides.

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