Red/Orange Socks

Another improvisation using variegated yarn. I broke the pattern using the teal colour insert.


Red/Orange Socks

Because I had only one 50g ball of variegated yarn for two socks, I had to locate the mid-point of the ball – I realized that half-way through the first foot! So I stopped where I was, unravelled the ball of yarn until I located the matching starting point for the second sock, cut the yarn, then began working on the second sock. My plan was to knit until I ran out of yarn on the second sock and then unravel the first sock back to the same location in the pattern.

I was lucky, I’d stopped just about at the center and so I didn’t have to unravel anything on the first sock when I resumed knitting after finishing the second sock!

I’m happy with how they turned out.
So into the stash this pair goes.

I started a new pair last evening – this for Edouard whose feet are cold these days. Black/white variegated yarn with an orange-red accent yarn. I thought this red/orange pair were likely too bright for him to feel comfortable wearing them so I made this pair my standard women’s size.

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