Morning Conversation III

Making headway slowly. It’s the technical stuff that’s bogging me down – problems I’m not sure how to solve. I’ve kind of worked out the shop windows but now I need to do quite a bit of thread painting to make the elements I’ve decided to put in make some sense.

Morning Conversation

I’m still not sure whether I want to do more with the shop windows – I did buy a piece of fusible vinyl (matte finish) to apply to there but it’s very tricky stuff to work with because if you put the iron anywhere near it, it melts off leaving a mess behind. And because I’ve got elements outside the glass having to be applied afterward, I’ve taken the coffee shop window apart a number of times, and I’m hesitant about reapplying it to this latest version!

The gentlemen aren’t yet fused in place – not until I get the rest of the background exactly as I want it.

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