Gathering No Moss

Quilt Top Assembled

Here it is – the quilt top is finally assembled. All the shark’s teeth sashing is going in the same direction vertically and horizontally (that took a bit of correcting in the first couple of rows until I realized the top would look better with that fabric unidirectional rather than helterskelter. The four substituted square centres bring some life to the quilt and bring out the colour in the others.

Final quilt size is 52 1/2″ x 62 3/4″.

Next step is to create six more blocks for the back of the quilt. Past Friday I went to Mahone Bay to Woolworks and picked up one of the fabrics to use for backing the quilt. One length isn’t wide enough for a backing – I will splice it and insert a column of blocks with sashing.

It’s a lovely colourful quilt top – I like Kaffe Fassett’s sharks’ teeth fabric selection for the sashing – quite unlike the other fabrics, yet the right colour – it creates a very modern feel to what is a traditional block.

And I was right – the many imperfections in the blocks were amended when I added the sashing. I didn’t trim the blocks to a precise 9 1/2″ because I needed to keep the 1/4″ at each corner block point so I fudged the placement while adding sashing and the blocks have ended up as I wanted them.

13 thoughts on “Gathering No Moss

  1. Your quilt turned out beautifully. I like the sharks tooth fabric also. I haven’t had a chance to buy any of it yet. Blue is my favorite color.

  2. Lovely quilt! And I also have a Thang for Kaffe Fassett’s gorgeous fabrics.
    Someone on Instagram has decided to make this a pattern. And I quickly remembered that I had seen this before on the internet being made by someone else and they were using Kaffe fassett fabric. She quickly replied to me that this was a block from hundred years ago and anyone can make it. Her’s was pink and white. But it was identical to this block.

    • The block is called “rolling stone” – lots of people provide instructions for making it. [ ] Fassett created four different colour versions of the quilt using his fabrics from Free Spirit and dealers made up kits – from the size of the FB Group I’d say many hundreds!

      It’s an easy quilt to reverse engineer from a photo: five each of light / medium / dark fabrics for the blocks plus one for sashing strips and another for sashing corners. The tricky bit would be coming up with enough lights – I wanted to swap out one of the lights in the kit for something else and discovered there wasn’t much choice – Fassett doesn’t do much “light”!

    • I’m satisfied with how the quilt turned out but it just doesn’t feel like it’s mine. Did you buy the kit in the end? Did you finish your Liberty squares quilt?

  3. Very nice! A good block to highlight the Kaffe fabrics, guess that’s why they choose it. I loved the shark’s teeth fabric when I saw Wanda use it, and ordered some right away. Glad to know it helps with blocks that aren’t quite exact.

    • You just need to be watchful as you add the sashing – it is a directional print. I wanted the teeth all facing the same direction. Had to redo some strips!

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