Fighting For Freedom

Last Friday, I caught the end of an interview with Daniel Bilak (A Canadian living in Ukraine) on CBC’s Feb 25’s “The Current” program (8:35-9:40) – the irony of his comments were blazing:

“Never take your freedom for granted”, “People in Canada look at freedom with a sense of entitlement…there’s always the danger someone will come take it away”, “You have to fight for your freedom … those principles of liberal democracy … you have to decide whether they’re worth fighting for!”

Ottawa Protest (photo from CTV News)

That’s not a week after the trucker convey people were using the very same words with completely opposite meaning!

I was stunned by the stark contrast Bilak’s words created. His words underlined how juvenile and selfish the people involved in the Ottawa protests actually were/are! Unfortunately Matt Galloway, the host, made no comment about that juxtaposition – was he even aware of it?

I wonder what the truckers have to say about Ukraine – are they prepared to fight FOR democracy, against REAL oppression?

I’m guessing they’d be driving their trucks towards the Russian border.

An interesting read by Dave Pell: From Kyiv to Mar-a-Lago, It’s All Connected

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