More Faces

More Faces

My great-nephew sent me this one last night: I was walking up the stairs towards my bedroom when I passed the laundry room. This is what I saw. I just had to send it to you. Do you see the face also?

Just Buttons


Last spring I visited NYC to meet up with a group of sewers. We had a lovely time visiting fabric outlets, designers’ studios, notions stores, and a button warehouse. You can’t imagine how difficult it can be to buy buttons when you aren’t looking for a specific garment! I bought a couple of sets of shirt buttons, then had to shop for coordinating fabric.

Halifax Harbour

The Halifax side of the harbour fascinates me. I find myself taking pictures any chance I get, particularly from Dartmouth. This photo was taken from the NSCC campus on the Dartmouth shore. You can see the Purdy’s Wharf towers, Stadacona, and the Dockyard.