New Orchid

The Phalaenopsis  in my bedroom finally dropped it’s flowers last week – I love having these plants around because the blooms last 4-5 months and require little care aside from a drop of water each week. The orchids in my local superstore were on sale so I picked up a new one:


The soft mottling on the large petals and sepals offered a nice contrast to the deep red labellum – and the fact that there are still a lot of blooms to come out. This plant will provide me pleasure for the next 5 months, for sure.

Van Gogh Socks

Barb Socks

I finished these socks from the Opal Yarn – Van Gogh Collection – a couple of weeks ago and took them to my sister in Toronto as a birthday gift. I forgot to take a picture! She sent me this photo of the socks this morning so I could post it. I love these yarns – they knit up easily – the pattern changing all the time so it never gets boring.