Art Quilt 3

So, this morning I went through photos to see what I might attempt next as an art quilt… Here’s an idea ben-zach-3The image is a composite – the sidewalk beside the Public Gardens in Halifax and Ben and Zach at the Toronto Zoo. The original Zoo image background was just too dull to bother using – so I cut the boys out and added them to an enlargement of the background scene. I have to do it all again making careful adjustments to the enlargements, and the boys need to be played with quite a bit in Photoshop because I need to sharpen the detail and add a bit more sunlight/highlights so they aren’t so dark.

I have a few other ideas as well:

hfx hrbr cropped Halifax in the fog from across the harbour

photo7143Paragliding from Second Beach, Parrsboro NS

DSCF0419Sailboats in Halifax Harbour

4 thoughts on “Art Quilt 3

    • I do, too. The boats are detailed, but I’m not sure the background has enough definition. Also I would want to adjust the positioning of the boats – the image is cropped because there’s a big tug on the right side of the original photo. I’d want to shift the boats to the left leaving the height of the sky as it is. I’ll try Photoshopping the image and see what I get.

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