A New Face

IMG_2852I was at the dentist the other day. We’ve all seen that overhead light. It suddenly struck me that there was a face above me – I love the row of bottom teeth – I couldn’t actually see them from where I was sitting, but the positioning of the iPhone picked up that reflection. Other-worldy, don’t you think?


Woman On Ship

womanon-ship-smTook this photo in 2008 while on a Caribbean Cruise – the image reminded me of the paintings of Alex Colville – the lone figure, facing away from the photographer (artist), absence of shadow. I made a print and put it in my spare bedroom. I was just tidying up the room and stopped to think about the feelings in the image. Thought it worth sharing.

More Faces

More Faces

My great-nephew sent me this one last night: I was walking up the stairs towards my bedroom when I passed the laundry room. This is what I saw. I just had to send it to you. Do you see the face also?

Halifax Harbour

The Halifax side of the harbour fascinates me. I find myself taking pictures any chance I get, particularly from Dartmouth. This photo was taken from the NSCC campus on the Dartmouth shore. You can see the Purdy’s Wharf towers, Stadacona, and the Dockyard.