Bali: From Ubud to Sanur

Last evening we had the opportunity to visit the home of a couple of artisans who make jewelry from “found” objects. The neck pieces, earrings, bracelets were all very interesting – primitive and at the same time contemporary. I really enjoyed seeing the collection; I even bought a pendant which incorporated a piece of beach glass with sterling elements.

I enjoyed, even more, William and Robin’s house – a very modern, cathedral ceilinged, bungalow adjacent a rice paddy practically in the middle of nowhere:





The photos don’t do justice to the house – I’d have loved living in it.

Today we shifted venue from Ubud to the seaside community of Sanur. Our baggage got shipped by truck while we bussed to two silver jewelry wholesalers. The style of the pieces was quite different in each establishment – I preferred the shape and size and elements incorporated into the jewelry in our first stop; however, I bought another pendant in the second shop (after purchasing some earrings and two small pendants in the first shop!).


Next a lunch at an Italian restaurant in Sanur before heading to a fabric shop selling the ikat textiles by the meter (beautiful fabrics although expensive) as well as custom-made clothing. Having already bought two pieces of ikat fabric I wasn’t interested in more – while I admire the weaving techniques involved, I find the fabrics rather dull so I waited until the others made their selections.

Shopping finished, we finally got to the hotel/resort (right on the shore) by mid-afternoon.

Tomorrow is another busy day – but more about that tomorrow.