Yet Another Pair

Finished these socks last evening. Made from two different leftover patterned yarns (plus some complementary solid). The combination worked out reasonably well.

I’m coming to the end of leftovers – another pair or two – and then I’ll need to buy more variegated sock yarn.

I started a brimmed hat before leaving for Newfoundland. I’ll get back to it later this evening after I get home.


Another pair of socks from leftover yarn. Finished last evening. I unrolled the yarn, counting the number of repeats; divided the yarn in half and started knitting trying to judge just how far the variegated yarn would go. I interspersed a soft green solid at the beginning of each repeat. It worked out well – I was able to extend the patterned yarn past the middle of the foot.

And now on to the next pair.

Latest Socks

Another pair from leftovers. I see now the cuff should have been in the purple rather in light blue – had I done that the color would have flowed from dark to light. I could change the cuff by unraveling this one and knitting a new one from sock to edge – but really that’s more work than it’s worth! They’ve been put in my sock drawer as they are. That’s it without taking a couple of pair out!

Something New From Leftovers

Been working away at this pair of socks for the past couple of weeks – slowly, in part, because the weather has been so humid the yarn was sticky and difficult to knit with, and because there was tennis on TV! Can’t knit and watch tennis, too.

The weather cooled and became a bit drier just before the weekend so I could knit again (and the US Open 2015 didn’t start till today). Finished this pair last evening.

I’m determined to use up the leg-length leftovers I have in the stash before I buy any more yarn. I’ve gone through the basket and matched up the yarns with one another and with solids – put the balls in plastic bags – enough in each bag for one pair of socks. It looks like I might have leftover yarn for a half a dozen pairs.

This is the first of the “leftover” socks. You can barely tell there are two different patterned yarns – they are interesting enough that I’ve put them in my sock drawer.

Now on to the next pair in blues, mauves & purples.

Using Leftovers

Recently I went through my basket of leftover yarn, pulled out what I thought might be usable then took the rest to Value Village. This pair of socks is the first I’ve tried using that leftover yarn. I didn’t have enough of the two yarns I chose to work with but I thought if I interspersed them – i.e. alternated rows – I might have enough to create a pair. So that’s what I did. But the trick is not to knit a “row” (knitting all four needles once) but to knit two interlocked spirals – two needles using one yarn, two needles of the other. Knit this way I didn’t end up having to cross over the yarn after each row; I end up with a smooth continuously knit sock.

As you can see one yarn had large blocks of colour shading from dark blue to medium blue and back to dark blue. The other was a variegated yarn with short coloured sections of dark blue, green, off white. To relieve the boredom of the dark colours I added the bright green near the ankle.

That technique resulted in an interesting pattern of alternating lighter and darker stripes. And it turned out I had just enough yarn to finish the socks. Yeah!

Blue Socks from Leftovers

This pair of socks went surprisingly quickly. In part because they’re for a gal who wears a size five shoe but also I seemed to find a bit more knitting time in the evening.

I’ve gone through the leftover yarn bag and pulled out balls large enough to be useful – there are several that will make a pair of legs – have to find complementary yarn to work with them.

In this pair a pale grey blended perfectly with the lighter dyed section of the variegated yarn.



Decided I should begin using up leftovers from other socks before buying more yarn. There was enough yarn in this ball for at least two legs (turned out there was actually a bit more) and I extended what I had with a light pink that blended with the lighter sections of the yarn. I alternated rows for  40 rows in the ankle. This one has been added to the stash – I now have 6 pairs of socks to give away!