Something New From Leftovers

Been working away at this pair of socks for the past couple of weeks – slowly, in part, because the weather has been so humid the yarn was sticky and difficult to knit with, and because there was tennis on TV! Can’t knit and watch tennis, too.

The weather cooled and became a bit drier just before the weekend so I could knit again (and the US Open 2015 didn’t start till today). Finished this pair last evening.

I’m determined to use up the leg-length leftovers I have in the stash before I buy any more yarn. I’ve gone through the basket and matched up the yarns with one another and with solids – put the balls in plastic bags – enough in each bag for one pair of socks. It looks like I might have leftover yarn for a half a dozen pairs.

This is the first of the “leftover” socks. You can barely tell there are two different patterned yarns – they are interesting enough that I’ve put them in my sock drawer.

Now on to the next pair in blues, mauves & purples.

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