Using Leftovers

Recently I went through my basket of leftover yarn, pulled out what I thought might be usable then took the rest to Value Village. This pair of socks is the first I’ve tried using that leftover yarn. I didn’t have enough of the two yarns I chose to work with but I thought if I interspersed them – i.e. alternated rows – I might have enough to create a pair. So that’s what I did. But the trick is not to knit a “row” (knitting all four needles once) but to knit two interlocked spirals – two needles using one yarn, two needles of the other. Knit this way I didn’t end up having to cross over the yarn after each row; I end up with a smooth continuously knit sock.

As you can see one yarn had large blocks of colour shading from dark blue to medium blue and back to dark blue. The other was a variegated yarn with short coloured sections of dark blue, green, off white. To relieve the boredom of the dark colours I added the bright green near the ankle.

That technique resulted in an interesting pattern of alternating lighter and darker stripes. And it turned out I had just enough yarn to finish the socks. Yeah!

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