Quilt for Noah – Finished


I finished the quilt yesterday. After I got it back from being quilted I still had to add the binding and a label. Did both yesterday afternoon.

So here is the finished quilt, complete with two pillow cases in matching fabric – I didn’t make shams; I hate putting pillows into shams and figured pillow cases would be easier to use. The cases are pieced on the serger so the inside seams are all finished which will allow the pillow cases to be washed without fear of fraying. I also made two dark green pillow cases for Noah to use as actual pillow cases – the two pieced ones are decorative accessories – not to be slept on but to complete the look of the quilt.

IMG_4137The back doesn’t look bad – although I realized, after I’d taken the quilt to be quilted, that I could have offset the stripe by another 12″ had I cut 12″ from the slightly wider side and added it to the narrower side with a single dark stripe! Oh well, I don’t suppose this side of the quilt will ever be used on top. It doesn’t look bad this way, but the off-centre symmetry would have worked better had I offset that stripe more.


2 thoughts on “Quilt for Noah – Finished

  1. Wow! You’re your own worst critic! It’s stunning! And no one will know about the critique except you!

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