These Socks are for Me!

Last week I went through my sock drawer and removed half a dozen pair of socks (leaving me just 35 pairs of hand-knit socks)! I do this at least once a year and it’s always a difficult decision – which ones to give away, which to keep. I like all of them including the first pair I knit in 2003 (which I happen to be wearing today).


Because I have so many pairs, they don’t seem to wear out. So the culled socks are still in more than good enough condition to pass on to new owners (who are happy to get hand-me-downs). My neighbor Estella got three pairs the other day – that should bring her collection up to six or so (she passes on some of the socks I give her). Today at the pool I asked my friend Sumitra if she’s interested – of course, she answered. So I’ll get the remaining three pair to her.

And that pair I finished last night are now safely tucked in my sock drawer. (I still have two pair of socks in the stash awaiting a home – someone will get them – one may have my friend Susan from Alberta’s name on them; that means I need to knit another large pair for Andrea before the middle of January when she and Susan will be here to work on Scout Canada stuff!)

I already started a new pair last night – can’t leave those needles hanging around doing nothing.


9 thoughts on “These Socks are for Me!

  1. Hi Judith, You are inspiring! I have tried several times to knit the same pair of socks and always end up ripping out….and starting again! One of these days I will get them done… Pat

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    • Its all in the variegated yarn – I embellish the emerging pattern with a solid colour to give a bit more life to the overall colour, but the nain work is done by the yarn.

      • I’m knitting a lot, too, but mostly pullovers or vests. You have a good taste for colors and patterns. I like to do that with rests from my wool, too. Regards Mitza

  2. If your giving any away, I have a couple of friends who are VERY jealous of my feet!!!

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