I arrived in Portland late Sunday. Yesterday I played tourist. Took the hotel shuttle back to the airport so I could take the public transit train into and around town. A senior day ticket – just $2! That allows you to get on and off at will.


I got off and back on at several stops. The first location was a farmers’ market – had lunch there.


I walked around a bit after that, then got back on the train a couple of stops later. Lots of empty shops wherever I got off. You can see Portland was hit by the economic downturn.


After a couple of hours I returned to the airport, 20130618-074619.jpg
back to the hotel for a snooze and then an early dinner. My body is definitely still on east coast time! I was ravenous by 4:00 pm.

It’s now Tuesday morning. Time for breakfast and then to meet the other gals.
more later.