Knitting: Color Affection Shaw


Shawl: Color Affection by Veera Valimaki

I have the usual pair of socks on the go – I’ve just turned the heel on the first sock. But I’ve been sidetracked – while I was in Portland OR, I visited a yarn shop and found there a lovely knit shawl. The gal in the shop gave me the info on where to find the pattern online so I looked it up when I got home. I downloaded the pattern. Yesterday I visited my local yarn shop and picked up some lovely lace weight yarn in three colours and started the shawl. It took me three tries before I realized the shawl starts at the neck edge and not the outside edge – duh! So switching colours of yarn, I started over again (once more it took three tries before I got the shawl rolling.) I’m using a seafoam blue/green, white, and eggplant – starting with the seafoam at the neckline and working through white to the eggplant on the outer edge. I have no idea how long this garment is going to take me – but the socks are set aside for now – I won’t need them until the fall, anyway. And all this because I loaned my wool poncho that I made 40 or more years ago to a friend and it came back with an odour I can’t get rid of and which triggers my asthma. I’ve washed it twice, soaked it once; I’m going to try soaking again, this time in a solution of baking soda and put it out in a fresh breeze to see if I can get it to freshen. If that doesn’t work, I guess the poncho is a give-away.