Travel Vest

I took the pattern from the Winter Jacket and converted it to a vest – removed the sleeves, took a dart in the armhole to reduce the fullness, dropped the shoulder a bit, and added more pockets on the inside!


I used the ultra suede fabric I bought in Portland for the front and back panels and the pocket top. The other faux suede fabrics I had in my stash and thought they went well with the grey.

What I’m most pleased about is the fit! I had to use a bias binding to trim the armholes and a collar to finish the neckline. I tried to figure out a way to join lining and outer vest from the inside but once lining was attached at the zipper and the bottom, there was not other way.

IMG_2372 IMG_2373

2 thoughts on “Travel Vest

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  2. Very snazzy, Looks good too.
    We call sleeveless jackets “body warmers” in the UK. Not a terribly good description but there you are.

    I have noticed that on US TV shows knitted sleeveless jumpers (sweaters/pullovers) are called sweater vests. We call them “tank tops” – once again I have no idea why. I like tank top better than sweater vest though. It’s beautifully absurd. Perhaps soldiers wear them when they drive tanks?

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