Le Petit Prince 2

The first pair of Le Petit Prince socks were well received – Jim thought they were lovely. I haven’t heard from him so I’m assuming they fit him fine.


This is the second pair from Le Petit Prince (Opal Yarn) – they’ve turned out to be quite colourful. I’m tempted to put them in my sock drawer but it’s full to overflowing so this pair will go in the give away pile. And on to the next.

I’m also nearing the end of a winter beret to wear with the wine coloured jacket (it has no hood) and yesterday I started to crochet  a wool poncho – made one 40 years ago and had it until this spring. I’d loaned it to a friend visiting from Ghana and it came back having been washed in a scented detergent. I tried everything to remove the scent and couldn’t get rid of it and couldn’t wear the poncho because it made me cough. So I sent it off to Value Village (the community clothing recycling shop). On Sunday, a friend handed me a bag of yarn (previously knit but unwound) to pass on but the bulk of that yarn was in a natural colour – perfect for a poncho. Still working on the lace-weight shawl – the rows are now so long I’m bored to death with it. It probably needs 12-14 rows in the third colour – that’s all, but each row is over 500 stitches and it’s all I can do to manage a single row at a time. It will get done, but who knows when.