Sweet ‘n Spicy Socks IV

IMG_2449I finished this pair of socks last evening – also made from the Opal, Sweet ‘n Spicy Yarn. These, I think, will go to my friend Linda – she’s happier with more subdued socks. These will fit into her wardrobe nicely.

I got a LOT of knitting done this past week – I found myself locked into watching the Criminal Minds Complete Marathon on Bravo (there were episodes from 2005 to 2013 running in order 24/7 for eight days!) – perfect to knit to. I finished the shawl and this pair of socks – both went faster than usual – the socks took the usual 25 hours, but the knitting time was concentrated, rather than spread out over two weeks!

2 thoughts on “Sweet ‘n Spicy Socks IV

  1. What I love about the variegated yarn is that all I have to do is knit and I get an interesting sock! Forget about cables, or other fancy knitting – this is perfect for knitting in front of TV (except for tennis – I can’t knit and watch tennis!)

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