A New Face

IMG_2852I was at the dentist the other day. We’ve all seen that overhead light. It suddenly struck me that there was a face above me – I love the row of bottom teeth – I couldn’t actually see them from where I was sitting, but the positioning of the iPhone picked up that reflection. Other-worldy, don’t you think?


Kaffe Fassett Quilt 8


This quilt uses a combination of Kaffe Fassett large print fabrics with contrasting pieces of Fossil Fern (Benartex). The quilt turned out quite a bit larger than my other quilts – not quite a twin bed size. So the back had to have an embellishment to extend the single length of backing fabric I had.

[Someone asked whether I had a pattern – I didn’t – I’d seen a photo and could immediately see the whole was constructed as a 9-patch with a “solid” square at the centre (I used a KF fabric centre) and surrounded it with 8 HST squares which I constructed from the KF fabric and a light fabric (I used a number of different Benartex light Fossil Fern fabrics I had in my stash). I’d suggest using the same pale fabric throughout if you’re new to quilting – easier to see how to arrange the blocks.

The HST are arranged to form a 4-point star around the centre square. The outer corners are triangles from the KF fabrics. All my KF fabrics were in shades of red or deep pink so they all blended and could be placed against one another. My quilt top was a 3 x 4 array of the 9-patch blocks. Where they join you have a square, on point, made from four different KF triangles.]

Close-up of 9-Patch Block

The quilt was embroidered in my 360 X 350 hoop using a large design I created – that allowed me to quilt 4 squares at a time!