Satsuki Quilt

IMG_2891 I bought a Kauffman “Japanese” fat quarter bundle called “Atmosphere from Craftsy – I don’t usually buy quilt kits – I prefer to improvise but the colours in this fabric collection looked as if they would blend with my new bedroom chair (which they did). The quilt is simple, long wide strips for the centre panel with short strips to finish the “row” – the rows are alternated. The point was to showcase the colour gradation from one end of the centre portion of the quilt to the other. The border was pieced from strips of the remaining fabric in the collection. IMG_2892 The back of the quilt uses a batik fabric I happened to have in my stash – the right shades to work with the patterns on the front. I needed to widen the back so I added in a strip using scraps from the Kauffman fabrics. There was barely any of the Satsuki fabric left over (just small pieces of two of the lighter fabrics)! in the hoop I quilted “in the hoop” using a design I created from an image I had. I sized it to fit within the width of the central panel strips, using three repeats for each of the eight panels. Then I adjusted the size of the embroidery to accommodate the border width and length. I used a Sulky blendable thread which worked with both the light and dark fabrics.

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