Bali: From Denpasar to Ubud



Hey, photos today.
The ones above are of a building we passed on the way to Ubud. Very Balinese.

The trip took about an hour although the distance isn’t great. We were in a small van so greatly affected by the traffic. As we got further and further from Denpasar, the roads got narrower and narrower. We passed through a number of small communities although the demarcations were blurry. What was striking is that Bali is a land of crafts people: we passed many woodworking establishments (you could tell by the milled lumber outside); ceramic pots were being made in lots of different places, many businesses selling statuary of Hindu gods, some obviously old, others contemporary.

We haven’t walked around Ubud much yet but one thing is obvious – the sidewalks here are accidents waiting to happen. I’ll take pix tomorrow so you can see – you have to walk with your eyes on your feet to be sure you don’t trip over broken tiles, or fall into a drainage hole! And the sidewalks are narrow with traffic very close at hand – you have to be watchful.

I could write about the food as well, but that has to wait for another time. I have to go in before the mosquitos get me even though I’m wearing quite a bit of DEET – they’re flying around me.

A door to one of the rooms in the hotel we are staying at.

The grounds are gorgeous:

More tomorrow – silk painting!