Bali: Day Off

Didn’t realize how tired I was until we had a day to spend on our own. I got up somewhat later, had a leisurely breakfast, then sauntered outside the hotel grounds to find a spa for a massage. Located one quite close to the Puri Santorian (the hotel) – a pleasant young woman who had exceptionally strong hands. I felt totally relaxed by the time I left.

I wandered down one side of the street and back the other – the shop owners are incredibly aggressive – they do their damnedest to get you into their shop “just walking; just looking” and carrying on. I didn’t buy anything; wasn’t looking for anything – what fabric and clothing that is for sale in these small shops is for the tourist market and not of “first” quality – it doesn’t compare with what we’ve seen elsewhere.

I actually didn’t get very far from the hotel because it was a hot day – I don’t know what the temperature was but away from the shore where there is no breeze, I could feel the lethargy set in.

I returned to the hotel for a rest and a light lunch, read in the shade on the beach for a while; came back for a snooze. It’s now time to think about something to eat again. I probably won’t venture far, then an early night, tonight.


Tomorrow we will be leaving the hotel by 6:45am to head into the countryside to be guests at a “tooth-filing” ceremony – a coming of age ritual for both boys and girls. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be up and ready to go at that hour but realized non-Balinese rarely have the opportunity to witness this ritual, so I decided I would attend.

More about all of this with some pictures, perhaps, tomorrow.

This is a sign on the beach – what to do should there be a tsunami warning!

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