Bali: Last Day

The trip is just about over. We had dinner last evening at a seaside restaurant

and watched (sort of) the sun set while we ate a tasty meal of grilled prawns and red snapper.



While I was standing at the water’s edge, dunking my toes, a cute couple from China wished to include me in their pictures (go know), so I took their picture in return:


After we got back to the resort, we spent a half hour doing a “show & tell” – sharing a few of our new found treasures. Then off to bed we all went.

We met at breakfast to say goodbye to those people moving on – one flying home, three heading back to Ubud for a few more days of shopping and island living.

I spent the morning with two of the gals remaining for a couple of days. We decided to visit a small “museum” dedicated to the “art” of a Belgian painter, Louis Mayeur, who moved to Bali in the 1900s, became fascinated by a much younger Balinese dancer, married her, and spent the rest of his life painting her. The museum was located on Sanur Beach, a shortish cab ride up the east coast from the resort.

The buildings/compound were bequeathed to the Balinese government on his death (sometime in the 1940s – if I recall at all correctly). Hence the museum.

The grounds were lovely:


But there was little in the way of an art collection – what was there were mainly aging paper reproductions which have faded so badly you could get no sense of the vibrant colour of the originals. Oh well, all part of the Bali adventure!


So we soon grabbed a cab to take us back our part of Sanur where we had a light lunch, followed by some yummy gelato, then a short walk back to the Puri Santrian and a cooling off dunk in the pool.

Those of us remaining are gathering at a nearby Italian restaurant for a light dinner. Afterward it will be time for me to finish packing.

I began packing this morning and have been able to fit fabric purchases all into the bag I plan to check (have to weigh it to be sure it makes the limit). Everything else will get stowed in my carry-on bag – one of the benefits of not traveling with much in the first place!

I leave Bali at 4:20pm tomorrow (Sunday), arriving home Monday.

Bali has been interesting; however I have no desire to live in this place – too hot, too humid, too busy, traffic unbelievable (I’d never summon the courage to drive). As much as I’ve enjoyed the two week interlude, I’m ready to get back to my usual life.

2 thoughts on “Bali: Last Day

  1. Safe home, Judith!! I have really enjoyed hearing (and seeing)‎ all about your trip. Many thanks! At cottage now (Saturday morning), and preparing for arrival this afternoon of Steven, Daniel, Ashley and Raymond for the Thanksgiving weekend. Then a rest from Tues onward for a week. Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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