Bali: Home at Last!

Good gracious the trip from Bali to Halifax is a long one – about 35 hours from the time I left Denpasar until I arrived in Halifax. I’m exhausted – didn’t sleep much on any of the flights (although I had three seats to myself from Bangkok to London and tried stretching out, it was sufficiently uncomfortable that I dozed but didn’t really sleep more than an hour to two); watched five movies, and several episodes of House of Cards, The Mentalist, and Ray Donovan (one movie I watched twice: “Words & Pictures” with Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche).

I am glad to be home. My neighbour just gave me two eggs and some bread so I can make myself a “Thanksgiving” Dinner (today is Canadian Thanksgiving). Then a long hot bath and to bed.

Life returns to normal tomorrow – I will have to find places to store the fabrics I bought – that will involve getting rid of some stuff to make room for them. My first sewing project will be to pick up where I left off on the art piece of the two boys walking beside the Public Gardens. Then who knows what I’ll decide to work on next.


3 thoughts on “Bali: Home at Last!

  1. Welcome home!! And Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 We’ll catch up after you ‎have a good rest!! Love K

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