By Jon Anderson – Fimo Artist

Below are pieces created by Jon Anderson – Fimo (Polymer Clay) Artist in Bali. He did a workshop for us in Ubud, showing us how he assembled a “cane” then cut it and reassembled it many times to create very complex sculptures.

I bought one oval shaped piece (fimo embedded in acrylic) with the intention of turning it into a pendant.


Today I finally got around to drilling a hole in one end of the piece, adding a bail and hanging it on a chain to make the pendant.

I also bought four round ones which I always intended to be buttons. I wasn’t enamoured by the “horses” (although beautifully executed, I must say) — I thought if I drilled holes in the middle of the horse the pieces would downplay the horses. When I saw them I knew they were the perfect colours for my batik quilted jacket — just too large.

I drilled two holes in each of the round ones to make my buttons:


Here is one on the quilted batik – when it’s placed against the garment you can see how the shades of bronze, mauve  and teal blend beautifully with the fabric.


I drilled all four buttons which I’ve stashed in my button box — sometime I will create a garment to showcase them. Don’t know what yet but one day something will jump out at me and I’ll have four perfect buttons to put on whatever it is.

I also bought one of Jon’s small animal pieces — iguana. At this point in my life I’m divesting but I couldn’t resist this iguana. Click through the images on Jon’s site and you’ll be amazed at the beauty and complexity of his work.iguana-jonAnderson