Second Pair of Pants

Yesterday I completed the pants in Twill – I wanted to see how the pattern would turn out in a less giving fabric than the denim I used (which has a lot of give).

The front is great – no fullness on the sides below the bum, just a straight side seam.

The side view is also good. The pants are about 1/2″ too long – I may take them up after I’ve washed them – I hemmed them at a 27″ inseam (my usual inseam is 27 1/2″ – given the way these pants fit I’m guessing I should use a 26 1/2″ inseam for hemming – I know my legs aren’t shorter!)IMG_4304

And the back fits nicely as well. So I guess this pattern is a keeper as it is.IMG_4305

A useful addition to my wardrobe.

That’s it for pants for now. On to other stuff.

2 thoughts on “Second Pair of Pants

  1. Pretty amazing! That Eurika pattern seems to have solved at of fitting issues for many! In the class I took there were many body types, and we all finished with a pattern that fit! Pat

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    • I’m certainly pleased with the second pair of pants as well. When you compare the backs of that Eureka pattern you can see the adjustments they made – there are the most common adjustments for specific “problems” – so instead of having to draft an individual pattern from scratch a good bit of the work is already done for you. I can see why the pattern would work for a lot of women.

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