Here we are two days away from spring and the snow on my back deck now reaches a quarter of the way up my living room window; the drift is nearly to the top of the fence and no end in sight. I’d open my back door and use the snow as a refrigerator except I’d not be able to close the door again!

The snow is still coming down heavily, blowing and swirling and the drifting is increasing in depth. I haven’t looked out my front door – I could see my car nearly buried from one of my upstairs windows. 

Ok, this is my view from the front door!

It’s going to take days to dig out! And we’re expecting more snow on the weekend. 

Can you imagine being down south and arriving home to this – not even being able to get in the house.

It’s a great day for sewing!

4 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Hi Judith, Yes, this has been some winter! Snow at my house was melting but I think they got more– however I arrived yesterday here in Bali and the warmth feels so good!! Spring will arrive, it always does… Pat

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    • That is the question! I’ve just shovelled my front door open – the hard work is trying to find somewhere to put each shovelful. I’m about to head upstairs to work on the quilt back.

    • What they’ve done with the snow in my parking lot (the bobcat has been working for the last hour pushing the snow around) is add it to the already monstrous piles and drifts of snow – I’ll take pictures tomorrow. One of my neighbours called at 9:30ish to say, come quickly, get your car cleared and out of the space so the bobcat can clear the parking lot. So I jumped into my ski suit (it’s great for this kind of thing, I must say) and rushed out to get my car moved out of the way. Back in now and ready to settle for what’s left of the evening.

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