San Francisco 1

The 4 hour time difference is a bummer – this is the view from my hotel room at 6:23 this morning – I was actually awake shortly after 5:00!

My friend Jayne picked me up at 9:45 and we went to the Legion of Honor Art Museum to see the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection – a wonderful exhibit of designer clothes from 1910-1980. “Costume” in this context meaning evening dress garments. 

We were able to take pictures (no flash) – it’s tempting to try to capture everything at the expense of really looking at the wonderful workmanship of the garments themselves. I didn’t record the designers – too bad! I just enjoyed looking at each piece and marvelling at how it was made: the draping, the stitching, the beading, the choice of fabrics, the way the garments were conceived was lovely to see.


The museum is located at one end of SF in a park setting with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Went for lunch not far from the Art Museum – enjoyed a salad and crab cakes. Over lunch Jayne and I caught up on more than 25 years since I’d last visited her in Sebastapol and spent a day in SF.

Ended the day with a visit to the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park to see the Oscar de la Renta retrospective. Turns out that exhibit isn’t on until next spring! Instead we visited a collection of works from Boticelli to Braque. There were single pieces from a wide range of artists spanning more than 400 years. Could have spent longer, but we ran into closing time.

A simply lovely day. A great start to the visit. I feel like Maggie Muggans : “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow!” A walk to Britex Fabrics (4 floors of material) – just to look around, really!

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