Finished this pair last evening. I’d actually finished the first sock – my standard sock for a women’s size 8 shoe wearer, but learned the recipient wears a 9 1/2 – 10 shoe. I took the toe off, added ten rows, put the toe back on. Then I finished the second sock.

And here is the next pair already underway: 

Check back in about two weeks – that’s how long it takes me to knit a pair of socks. 



Ann Williamson shared some lovely spring photos from Portland OR today:  

This is one of several photos of spring in full bloom.

Then I look at my back deck: 

The towering cap of snow on the shed has grown smaller but we’ve a long way to go.

And out my front door:  


It’s a wonderful sunny day today, but more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

I’ve taken this crazy winter in stride for the most part but I am beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see spring. I sure hope our vegetation has survived under the snow!


New Quilt

Take knitting – I can’t leave the needles idle – finish one pair of socks, I have to start the next.

It’s become the same with quilting. One quilt finished, the next starts.

Here’s the one I’ve just begun: 

I had a  jelly roll of forty 2.5″ strips of batik fabrics in shades of blue / turquoise, I went to the stash to pick out some complementary fabrics in the same hues as well as some greens that would blend – from these I cut 2″ strips from the width of fabric. 

Why 2″? Well, my idea was to build blocks from six strips of batik with a complementary background – I auditioned several solid colours, decided white created the liveliest contrast.

For a lap quilt I want a finished width of about 45″ – six standard 2.5″ strips would give me 12″ blocks (too large for my purposes). I wanted to end up with a 5 block X 7 block quilt so I needed blocks no larger than 9″. Six 2″ strips result in a 9″ finished block. So I trimmed the jelly roll strips to 2″, cut a bunch of 2″ white strips and started improvising.   

10 blocks  done – first I arranged them in rows with all the stripes in the same direction, but tried flipping a couple.

Then I took a photo from the end on: 

Now that’s an interesting idea!  Still a 5X7 quilt but with the columns having horizontal stripes and now maybe a contrasting vertical sashing.

That’s where I am at the moment – 10 blocks created, 25 to go….