San Francisco 4

It was a late start this morning due to car trouble but once underway we crossed the Bay Bridge to Berkley to visit a couple of well stocked fabric shops.

At the first stop I bought two yards of this black and white fabric – to make something like this top which will look great with black pants as a summer outfit. 

This dress also offered some interesting possibilities – I picked up a yard of dark blue and white Indian ikat fabric for the front and back panels with a matching white linen for the yoke and sides. I am thinking of a tunic length (with sleeves) which will be another useful summer outfit with white pants, rather than a dress.

At our second stop I found a gorgeous Donna Karan subtle wool plaid in red, purple and black, which I did finally walk away from – it was not a bad price, but I’d have needed at least 3 yards for matching the plaid plus another yard of a complementary purple wool for contrast, not to mention a lining fabric and buttons – the cost of which would have pushed me well over my duty-free limit! So, regretfully, I left it behind. 

We’re setting up this evening, then start in earnest tomorrow morning. 


3 thoughts on “San Francisco 4

  1. Fabrics look like you. Just buy the fabric. To hell with being over duty free. You can’t get great fabric here. Jillian has gone. I actually finished the tops to 2 quilts. One a queen and one a king. A neighbor here just bought a new long arm quilting machine and she will do it for me. I am going to get out another quilt that is needing to be finished. I’ll wait for your help to finish Jillian’s jacket. I have my face lift on the 22nd so will be out of commission for a bit. Glad you are having an interesting and fun time. Be well! Janet

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