Kimono Jacket

Made this jacket a couple of years ago and while I like it, I don’t wear it often and yesterday I figured out why. I was wearing the jacket and didn’t want to have to carry a handbag but the jacket had no pockets. When I made it I thought about pockets on the front but couldn’t figure out how to apply them to the asymmetric front panels.

Having put hidden zippered pockets on the inside of the jean jackets I realized I could add zippered pockets to the reversible side of this jacket!

The reverse side had a wide binding – a perfect place to insert pockets:

So today I picked up a couple of invisible zippers, used a piece of black silk leftover from the silk pants I made to take to San Francisco, opened the seam at the bottom in the back so I could get at the binding/lining seams on the front panels, and in short order I had quite large hidden zippered pockets on each side!

Definitely makes this a much more useful garment.

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