New Clothes

You might think I’ve not been doing much sewing/knitting but I’ve been busy with additions to my wardrobe.

First, a boiled wool jacket using Marcie Tilton’s V8430 jacket:

Marcie Tilton V8430

The boiled wool came from Blackbird Fabrics in Vancouver. I bought the aubergine which I thought would make a warm addition to my wardrobe.

A simple pattern with just two fronts, a back and sleeves which went together easily and because it’s boiled wool I didn’t need to finish edges! In fact there’s a dart at the bottom of the sleeve which is stitched by abutting the two edges and zigzagging it closed – doesn’t show but gives shape to the lower sleeve. I’m still debating whether to do something similar in the middle of the back at the neckline – I’ve a slight rounding of my back at the neck and I think the jacket would fall better in the back were I to make that tweak.

I chose the pattern because I thought the soft folds for the lapels wasn’t something I usually wear and would look “new”.

New Jacket/Sweater and Corduroy Pants – Front

With a new jacket/sweater I thought dark purple cords a good choice – I whipped those up two days ago.

New Jacket/Sweater and Corduroy Pants – Back

Taking pictures myself is extremely difficult – to position the camera involves twisting which causes the pants to show a bit of pull. I had to take the side seams in after I’d finished them – I didn’t take them in as much as I possibly could because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit. I’ll see how they are after I’ve washed them – the fabric was washed before I used it but it will shrink a bit more, I’m sure, with further washing.

I have three more lengths of corduroy to make pants – I’m intending to get to at least one of those this weekend.

Kimono Jacket

Made this jacket a couple of years ago and while I like it, I don’t wear it often and yesterday I figured out why. I was wearing the jacket and didn’t want to have to carry a handbag but the jacket had no pockets. When I made it I thought about pockets on the front but couldn’t figure out how to apply them to the asymmetric front panels.

Having put hidden zippered pockets on the inside of the jean jackets I realized I could add zippered pockets to the reversible side of this jacket!

The reverse side had a wide binding – a perfect place to insert pockets:

So today I picked up a couple of invisible zippers, used a piece of black silk leftover from the silk pants I made to take to San Francisco, opened the seam at the bottom in the back so I could get at the binding/lining seams on the front panels, and in short order I had quite large hidden zippered pockets on each side!

Definitely makes this a much more useful garment.

Bargello Jacket

Haven’t had an occasion to wear the Bargello jacket in quite a while. Today a friend and her daughter and I were going for “tea” and the temperature was perfect for this jacket.

I still love how the chevron works and even though I’m wearing jeans, I end up with dressy outfit.

BTW, “tea” was lovely – two great desserts share three ways and a cup of tea and some interesting conversation!

I have some great silk dupioni fat quarters that would work into an interesting Bargello – must dig them out and look at them with this in mind.