MUN Botanical Garden

Memorial University has a lovely botanical garden – for research and education. A friend, who’s been following the blog wrote and suggested I visit. So this morning Andrea and I drove over.

The garden consists of some cultivated beds and woodland gardens, a couple of greenhouses and several nature trails depicting different aspects of the natural environment of Newfoundland.

The first thing you see is an herbaceous border – filled with plants happy in this damp, cool environment. Blue flag iris:


Cow parsnip (poisonous):

Leopard’s Bane (Doronucum):

Enter the garden trails and you see many varieties of Rhododendron (some still in full flower, others would have been gorgeous last week!). One whole section of a trail was lined with them:

We passed a slope covered with Cornus Canadensis in bloom:

We came across a crevice rock garden on a gentle slope (I would never have thought of using long slender rocks in that way):
There were California poppies:
A plant I didn’t know:

And several patches of lovely blue Mecanopsis:

I could go on – a lot of the plants were in bloom, making a leisurely stroll worthwhile.

Got any old, mismatched glass plates/bowls/glasses? I’m going to try making one of these when I get home!

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