St. John’s NL

When last I visited St. John’s, gotta be 40 years or more ago, it was a small, contained city. Today it’s surprisingly large and spread out. Not much in the way of high rise building, but the suburbs extend well into various regions of the Avalon peninsula.

Today Andrea and I drove through the western reaches of the city, through Paradise and St. Phillips/Portugal Cove. What used to be quaint coastal communities are today rapidly growing suburban areas with lots of large, expensive houses!

Downtown St. John’s, in spite of the building and modernizing going on retains a lot of its original charm.

Today was foggy:

From the fourth floor of The Rooms (Art Gallery), just outside the restaurant, downtown was barely visible.

The weather had brought a gazillion visitors to the gallery – the cafe couldn’t feed us for an hour and because we were hungry we decided to move on. But before leaving, we did a fast walk through the Christopher Pratt exhibit. Wonderful paintings.

On the first floor we came across this small billboard – volunteers knitting socks…

The Rooms – interesting architecture – worth visiting:

Coals to Newcastle…

I’m a sock knitter, right. I have a drawer full of hand-knit socks. Take ’em with me when I travel – don’t go anywhere without a pair or two. Brought four pair with me to Newfoundland!

Yesterday, however, because the forecast was for 24 C, I wore sandals without socks on our trip to Trinity. It didn’t make it much above 17 C and an hour or so into the trip my feet were right some cold!

When we got to Clarenville we stopped into Mercer’s Marine Equipment – a marine, clothing, footware, camping, housewares place. Not what you’d expect to find in a general store in a smaller community – this place was filled with medium to high end quality merchandise.

Charles bought a pair of Columbia sandals, Andrea and I looked at Columbia winter jackets on sale. In the end, I bought a pair of colourful Wigwam socks!

My feet were so cold (and I hadn’t thought to tuck in a pair of wool socks), I needed something to put on. I doubt I’ll wear them much but they sure saved the day yesterday!

Trinity, NL

Spending this week visiting a friend in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Much cooler here than in Nova Scotia.

Yesterday we made a day trip to Trinity – a costal village about three hours from St. John’s. Left early in the morning, got back home after midnight. A lovely day in between.

Trinity is a well-kept heritage site, at the same time an active community of maybe 200. On this clear, sunny day it was welcoming – lovely old churches:

People taking advantage of the weather to get a bit of outdoor work done:

Rampant wild flowers:

We took a side trip around the bay to the lighthouse and watched whales chasing caplin (which are running this week):

The place is rugged with beautiful rock spires:

We stopped for a few moments to enjoy the peaceful quiet:

Went to the theatre at the playhouse in the evening to see Kevin Major’s play: No Man’s Land:

And on our drive home we narrowly missed hitting moose twice!

A great adventure.