Trinity, NL

Spending this week visiting a friend in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Much cooler here than in Nova Scotia.

Yesterday we made a day trip to Trinity – a costal village about three hours from St. John’s. Left early in the morning, got back home after midnight. A lovely day in between.

Trinity is a well-kept heritage site, at the same time an active community of maybe 200. On this clear, sunny day it was welcoming – lovely old churches:

People taking advantage of the weather to get a bit of outdoor work done:

Rampant wild flowers:

We took a side trip around the bay to the lighthouse and watched whales chasing caplin (which are running this week):

The place is rugged with beautiful rock spires:

We stopped for a few moments to enjoy the peaceful quiet:

Went to the theatre at the playhouse in the evening to see Kevin Major’s play: No Man’s Land:

And on our drive home we narrowly missed hitting moose twice!

A great adventure.

2 thoughts on “Trinity, NL

  1. Oh, Judith, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and commentary. I am looking forward to my first trip there, hopefully next summer or fall. karen


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