Sun At Last

There was an item in the Newfoundland paper a few days ago:

Wanted! Summer has failed to appear. Anyone knowing its whereabouts should contact the Newfoundland Constabulary!

It’s been as bad in NS these past few weeks as well but this afternoon the sun has shown its face at last! It’s even warm. No idea how long good weather will continue but it’s joyful outside at the moment.

Trinity NL – Art Quilt


I woke this morning thinking about a new art quilt – initially I thought I’d do one of Trinity NL showing the village, but the photos I took weren’t interesting enough to warrant the amount of work an art piece like this involves. Stupid me, I didn’t even think of taking a panorama photo of the ocean side of the lighthouse ridge although, fortunately I had three photos that overlapped (or nearly did) at the location where we stopped to watch humpback whales leisurely feeding.

I got up and looked at the photos, tweaked them a bit, printed them out, taped them together to create a composite image – the finished art quilt will end up about 34″ wide and about 8″ high – it’ll make a nice wall hanging. The focal point of the image will be a whale blowing at the surface. Right now I’ve got the whale centered – it’ll have to be moved to one side or the other and probably scaled down about 25%. Although humpback whales are large, what I have right now is a bit out of proportion with the panorama.

Next step, I pulled fabrics from my landscape stash in blues, greys (light, and dark, and with beige), greens (lots of different greens), and some black.

The challenge is the sky and sea – I briefly thought about printing the photos on fabric but my fabric sheets are 11″ x 8 1/2″ and there’s no way to make the joins invisible so I have to come up with a way of getting a continuous expanse of sky and water in the same colour family but distinct shades – the sky a pale blue at the horizon to darker at top of image, the sea with a dark foreground and lighter at the horizon. I’m thinking I will have to use some poly-cotton fabric which I paint with some kind of ink to get the effect I want. Once I have that problem worked out, the rest is relatively straightforward – although getting the vegetation to look real will be a challenge – I may actually print those elements on fabric then fuse and appliqué them in position. I’ll try piecing it, first.

So now I’m off to the fabric store for some poly-cotton to see what I can do to create sky/sea. It’ll be interesting to see how close I come to what I imagine.



Finished this pair on the weekend – turns out I made this pattern in blue a month or so ago. The pattern seemed familiar and then I looked in the pile of socks and there it was in blue.


I still haven’t sent those two pair of socks off – must do it soon!

Right now, I’m finishing a pair of socks a friend started and hasn’t been able to finish. I completed one sock which only needed to be toed off; the second one she’d only got as far as the heel – I’m now 2/3 of the way along the foot and hope to finish the pair in the next couple of evenings.