Coals to Newcastle…

I’m a sock knitter, right. I have a drawer full of hand-knit socks. Take ’em with me when I travel – don’t go anywhere without a pair or two. Brought four pair with me to Newfoundland!

Yesterday, however, because the forecast was for 24 C, I wore sandals without socks on our trip to Trinity. It didn’t make it much above 17 C and an hour or so into the trip my feet were right some cold!

When we got to Clarenville we stopped into Mercer’s Marine Equipment – a marine, clothing, footware, camping, housewares place. Not what you’d expect to find in a general store in a smaller community – this place was filled with medium to high end quality merchandise.

Charles bought a pair of Columbia sandals, Andrea and I looked at Columbia winter jackets on sale. In the end, I bought a pair of colourful Wigwam socks!

My feet were so cold (and I hadn’t thought to tuck in a pair of wool socks), I needed something to put on. I doubt I’ll wear them much but they sure saved the day yesterday!

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