Whale Watching


Just finished piecing the foreground for this wall art quilt. At the top you see the photographic collage built from three photos and an insertion to widen the panorama; below is the quilt. It took a lot of trial and error to establish the “layers” in the foreground – green fabrics that look like grass, shrubs, etc. is impossible to find – I’ve had to hint at the different vegetation by using various green fabrics in my stash. Once the stitching is done, the whole foreground will blend better.

So next comes the stitching to make sure each piece of fabric is permanently attached, and to represent the horizontal flow of the vegetation. Once that is all done, I still have to figure out how to add piping (probably in white) as mat; and finally a wide binding (I’m thinking 2″) to frame the picture. I picked up some dark fabric a couple of weeks ago which may work well. But I think I still want to audition something else — so a trip to Atlantic Fabrics early this coming week to see if there I can’t find something better for the job.

5 thoughts on “Whale Watching

  1. Wow Judith, what a great piece of artwork! Thanks for the assistance with Barb’s “slide show” about the Bali Fiber Tour– we had our presentation yesterday along with a very tasty Balinese meal (from the cooking school cookbook) and our local chapter of ASDP (Assoc. of Sewing and Design Professionals) had a very nice afternoon. Cathie and her husband figured out how to show the pictures on their large TV so it worked out well. We of course brought our fabrics/ things made from the fabrics/and the leather goods too. It was an excellent presentation! Hope you( and we) get some Indian Summer before the winter arrives all too quickly… Pat

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