Ideas – Next Art Quilt

I’ve been wanting to do a floral piece for a while now. The Cana lilies on my back deck are gorgeous again this year and against a dark foliage background would be striking.

Or a rendering of a phalanopsis also against a dark background would be eye catching.

And my Echineacia have been wonderful again this year (even if I can’t get them to return in the pot). And this one has an insect visitor!

I took this photo of the three pilots “wind waiting” many years ago and it’s an art quilt asking to be made.

And I’ve have this dark image of the cloud funnel we saw from Kirk Hill in Parrsboro with Blomidon across the bay and the glider in a heap on the ground barely visible – it would also make an interesting piece.

I have a lot of great photos that would lend themselves to textile art pieces – choising which to work on next is the challenge!

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