Peru Oct. 17 2015

A second day in Lima. Sab (whom I met just yesterday morning) has taken on the role of “tour director”. I figure it’s my responsibility to arrive at the primary destination-after that I don’t want to make decisions. I suppose that makes me a passive tourist but it means I am happy to tag along and see the parts of the world others have chosen to visit. Sab, an experienced traveler has done much research and had prepared an itinerary that I was more than happy to adopt.

Sab had listed four things she wished to do/see today. First was a visit to a woman who brokers between international customers and weavers/embroiderers from many regions of Peru. She does broker alpaca items, but she specializes in 100% Pima cotton weavings that were simply gorgeous. Beautiful, soft, subtle shawls, scarves, table runners, cushion covers all handsomly woven in lovely colors-the craftsmanship outstanding.

As I am writing I realize I forgot to take pictures of the goods on display in her home showroom (a lovely apartment, BTW). How dumb was that! All I have is this picture of the shawl I bought which doesn’t do justice to the weaving.

Our second stop was for lunch in a central part of Lima after finding Park Kennedy, which we’d come to see, mostly under construction. From there we walked several blocks to a main Market in search of nuts and dried fruit for snacks during the next two days of travel.

I have many more photos from the market, but my internet connection isn’t allowing me to upload them right now, so I’ll move on.

Our final stop was a large labyrinthine shop showcasing Peruvian crafts people of all persuasions, each set of items displayed in its own small room.

Were I twenty years younger I’d have bought this plate below, but these days I’m divesting so the photo is all I’ve taken away with me.

The most interesting objects were four foot tall sculptures of boys we found in the indoor cafe “garden”.

Tired, we headed back to Larcomar Shopping Centre for one last fast walk through, mainly to pick up a couple of bottles of water to take on our upcoming journey – then a walk back home.

Tomorrow begins with breakfast at 6:00am and departure at 7:00 for our journey by van south along the coast to Paracas for an overnight stay, before carrying on to Ayacucho on Monday.

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