Socks: “PairPerfect”

Just finished:

The Regia Yarn company has introduced a new yarn this season: “PairPerfect” – the ball of yarn comes with yellow lead threads which you cut off when you begin to knit the sock. When you’re finished the first sock you pull the yarn out until you reach the second yellow lead, remove it and start knitting using the patterned yarn again – and there you have two matched socks.

I’ve never had any difficulty matching two socks using patterned yarn – although providing the leads does make it very simple – my only reservation is the patterns in the yarn are relatively boring. To liven up this striped pattern I inserted solid heels and toes using a yarn close in colour to the cuff (which is part of the patterned sock yarn).

This pair turned out fine, but I don’t think I’ll use it again.